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RMA of CT: Holidays at Home Initiative

RMA of Connecticut, a leading fertility practice and participating WIN provider whose exceptional quality and care helps couples and individuals grow their family, is spearheading a Holidays at Home social media initiative aimed at helping those suffering with infertility during the holidays.

The month-long initiative will take place via RMA of Connecticut’s social media channels beginning Monday, December 7th.

The Integrated Fertility and Wellness team at RMA of Connecticut will share a short-form video series to combat unique fertility hurdles associated with those suffering with infertility and offer tactical ways to destress, move, eat, and breathe during the holiday season. The videos will be published in a rolling manner to RMA of Connecticut’s social channels from December 7th through December 10th, with the cumulative content to be reshared on their Learning Center blog at the end of the week.

Additionally, the RMA of Connecticut-produced podcast, FertilityU, will be releasing a special multi-interview podcast on December 18th to round out the Holidays at Home event. It will feature the Integrated Fertility and Wellness experts, sharing even more tips to overcoming feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and stress during this 2020 holiday season.

“Going through fertility treatments during the holidays can be a heavily emotional experience, and with COVID-19’s restrictions on family gatherings, this experience can seem even more isolating,” says Amy Matton, Acupuncturist and Director of the Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program. “The Integrated Fertility and Wellness team at RMA of Connecticut created this campaign to deliver actionable tips to those suffering through infertility during the holidays, providing additional support they can experience from the comfort of their homes.”

The Holidays at Home social media content includes:

Holidays at Home: Fertility Acupressure – Amy Matton, Acupuncturist, will guide viewers through the activation of the Shen men acupuncture point through acupressure, or physical pressure to an acupuncture point. This particular point helps relieve anxiety, fear, stress, among many other mental/emotional/nervous system responses.

Holidays at Home: Fertility-Friendly Holiday Swaps – Our in-house fertility Dietitian Nutritionist, Jill Hickey, walks patients through mindful holiday nutritional swaps. She offers alternatives to those traditional holiday beverages like hot cocoa and eggnog, helps us pack our plates for holiday dinners, and yes, she even digs into dessert!

Holidays at Home: Meditation for the Fertility Warrior – Lisa Rosenthal, RMA of Connecticut’s patient advocate and yoga instructor, takes the viewer through guided meditation, quieting stress and feelings of isolation, while increasing feelings of control and calmness.

Holidays at Home: Mood Shifting – Lisa Schuman, Director of Mental Health Services, offers a real way to calm feelings of stress and turns them in a more positive direction.

FertilityU Podcast Release: Holidays at Home with the IFW Team – Host and Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Spencer Richlin, shares a podcast that features each Integrated Fertility and Wellness specialty. This compilation will be back-to-back short interviews with the Integrated Fertility and Wellness experts, highlighting even more tactics for feeling less stressed, anxious, or lonely during the holidays.

To view the Holidays at Home social media programming, visit our feeds on Facebook and Instagram (@fertility_rmact).

About Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMA of Connecticut)

RMA of Connecticut is a leader in fertility care, specializing in a range of infertility treatments. Our assisted reproductive technologies (ART) include intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). RMA of Connecticut is Fairfield County’s largest fertility clinic and egg donation center. Through RMA of Connecticut’s Integrated Fertility and Wellness Center, we offer nutrition counseling, individual and couples psychological counseling, acupuncture and yoga, as well as financing and support services for our patients going through infertility treatment.

Our internationally recognized Gay Parents To Be® program at RMA of Connecticut specializes in LGBTQ family building. For the last four years, RMA of Connecticut has been recognized as a Leader in Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign.

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