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Integrated Solutions

for Payers

Improve quality of care, reduce costs
and enhance member experience.

Mis-managed fertility benefits are expensive. Your members want and deserve quality care and personalized attention when it comes to their family-building, and fertility needs. It can be difficult to manage niche subspecialty benefits with today’s evolving technology, which is why the nation’s leading health plans rely on WINFertility for their end-to-end fertility management and family-building solutions.

Comprehensive Fertility Care Management
That improves outcomes and member experience, while Driving Costs Down

WIN’s proprietary clinical protocols drive better outcomes. Better outcomes mean safer pregnancies for your members, and cost savings for your plan.

  • Benefit management and counseling
  • Medical Case management
  • 24/7 Infertility-trained Nurse Access
  • Network Management and Patient Navigation
  • Pharmacy management and counseling (dosing and formulary)
  • Reproductive Genetics
  • Behavioral Health Support
  • Maternity Program Referral

For more than 2 decades, WIN’s evidence-based protocols have been encouraging the most efficacious treatments, improving member outcomes.

Benefit Management that Drives Efficiency

WIN’s Nurse Care Managers, are the heart of our program. Our nurses connect directly with your members and help them navigate their fertility journey. Providing clinical oversight through prior authorization on every treatment cycle ensures that only the most appropriate treatments are performed. Medical and pharmacy authorizations are linked to ensure that no drugs are dispensed without an approved medical treatment cycle.

Sample Managed Care Patient Journey

Member & Provider Satisfaction

WIN is focused on improving clinical outcomes, and it shows in our annual satisfaction rates.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Members

WIN’s clinical oversight leads to improved patterns of care, better outcomes and lower total costs.