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6 Tips for Vacationing During IVF Treatment


Planning Ahead for a Getaway

Many of us are longing for a summer vacation that isn’t a staycation.  But what if you’re in IVF treatment?

There may be times in your IVF cycle when you need to stay home, but, often, it’s okay to travel if you plan ahead.

  1. Check with Your Reproductive Endocrinologist First—Before you plan your trip, ask your fertility specialist which would be the best times in your cycle to travel, and when you need to be home for treatment or monitoring. Your physician will help you plan your travel so your IVF cycle will not be disrupted.
  2. Ask for a Referral—If you will need to be monitored while you are away, ask your reproductive endocrinologist for a referral to a trusted fertility center and specialist. Make sure you look up the nearest hospital and emergency facility in case you need emergency care while you are away.
  3. Stay on Schedule with Your Meds—Using your medications on schedule is essential to having a successful IVF cycle. Bring your schedule with you and convert it to the time zone where you will be staying, if necessary.  If you have any questions about converting your schedule to a different time, ask your fertility center.  WINFertility patients can check with their Nurse Care Manager for advice.
  4. Carry Your Medications with You—If you will be flying, carry on all your medications with you. NEVER check them.  As your doctor for a letter verifying that you need to travel with your medications.  Also, check TSA guidelines and your airline’s guidelines for traveling with medications and syringes.
  5. Keep Things Cool in Transit—Use a small cooler and gel cold packs to keep refrigerated fertility medications cold. Test the cooler beforehand to see if it will keep the meds at the correct temperature for the duration of the flight or, if you are driving, until you stop on your road trip.  Remember to bring the other items you will need, such as alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, gauze, and a container for sharps disposal.
  6. Keep Things Cool at Your Stay—Make sure you will have refrigeration at your destination. A small fridge in your room will make life much easier and keep your medications safe.

If you plan ahead, you can get away and have a great time while keeping on track with your IVF treatment.  Bon voyage!