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WINFertility Empowers Female Naval Aviators’ Choice to Pursue Career and Family, in Partnership with Military Family Building Coalition


WINFertility to provide complimentary fertility benefit management services for female naval aviators and Naval Aviation personnel.

Greenwich, CT,  October 12, 2021WINFertility (WIN), the nation’s leading fertility benefit management company with the largest portfolio of employer clients, empowers female Naval Aviators’ choice to pursue career and family, in partnership with Military Family Building Coalition (MFBC) under the AVIATRIX Project.

WIN will provide complimentary reproductive clinical advocacy and fertility benefit management services for female Naval Aviators and Naval aviation personnel, who have highly challenging constraints for family-building amidst deployments, training, and operational demands. The services offered include 24/7 clinical support through WIN Nurse Care Managers, reproductive behavioral wellness, access to the WIN network of medical and pharmacy providers, along with available discounts, and guided counseling on family-building options.

Service members have unique needs when it comes to family-building because of their training, and schedules. TRICARE, the military insurance provider, does not cover non-coital reproductive assistance. Service members are often physically separated from their partner for long periods of time, an obvious barrier to coital reproduction.  Among the Naval Aviation community, women have a short fertility window because of the required service time, including college education, flight training and operational service requirements, drastically narrowing the window of opportunity for female naval aviators to build a family. If service members want to start a family, managed fertility benefit support can help retain talent and empower them with the option to pursue both career and family.

“WINFertility’s clinically managed fertility benefit has been proven in the private sector to be increasingly popular at driving recruitment, retention, and successful outcomes,” says Roger Shedlin, M.D., J.D., President and CEO of WINFertility. “WIN is proud to donate our fertility benefit management services and clinical advocacy to those who are serving our nation in the interest of our national security.”

“The Military Family Building Coalition is very excited to collaborate with WINFertility in service to the women of naval aviation and in support of diversity within military leadership,” said Katy Bell Hendrickson, Cofounder, Military Family Building Coalition. “We founded The AVIATRIX Project on the premise that providing military members with resources to navigate family building is critical to the retention of top talent and to the development of the force of the future by providing comprehensive coverage for all facets of reproductive health care.”

For more than 20 years, WIN has been a trusted leader in managing family-building benefits for the nation’s largest insurance carriers and corporations. The company is now bringing its industry leading fertility benefit management solution to our deserving military service members. WIN’s comprehensive program, which provides a clinically managed fertility benefit, connects experts to patients and guides them through their own personal family-building journey, recommending the most appropriate providers, medical treatments and drugs, purchased at the lowest unit cost. WIN’s program encompasses fertility medical and pharmacy, behavioral health, reproductive genetics, surrogacy, and adoption. The results from WIN’s managed fertility benefits produce more successful clinical outcomes, improve efficiency and deliver a superior patient experience.

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About WINFertility

WINFertility is the nation’s leading family-building and fertility benefit management company, providing comprehensive solutions for employers, health plans and consumers. From fertility management, including medical treatment, pharmacy and genetics to surrogacy and adoption, WINFertility has helped more than 150,000 families by providing access to the best doctors, technology, and support. WIN works with the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists and integrates with national and regional insurance carriers, as well as the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, to deliver the most advanced and effective fertility treatments and family-building solutions.  WIN Nurse Care Managers navigate patients through the often complex process, providing clinical oversight, emotional support, advocacy, and education throughout the journey. Patients and clients that utilize WIN’s program see higher pregnancy rates, fewer multiple gestations, more efficient Rx utilization, and lower costs.  WIN helps intended parents start and grow families by democratizing fertility care and promoting the use of efficacious and efficient fertility treatments. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Greenwich, CT.



The Military Family Building Coalition (MFBC) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting active-duty military members with family building challenges. The MFBC provides awareness, education, mentorship and resource support to military members with family building challenges in the area of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and adoption. Currently, military healthcare (TRICARE) does not provide coverage for ART (including cryopreservation) and offers limited resource support for adoption.  The MFBC was founded by military spouses Katy Bell Hendrickson and Ellen Gustafson and develops alliances with other organizations that support military members and advocate for ART and adoption benefits.