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WINFertility Adds Cleo’s Family Support Programs to WIN Family Services


WINFertility’s partnership with Cleo enhances WIN Family Services for families from preconception through parenting with comprehensive and personalized family support.

WINFertility (WIN), the leading global fertility benefits management company with the largest portfolio of employer clients, adds Cleo’s comprehensive global family support solution, to WINFertility’s WIN Family Services, a comprehensive and inclusive family-building advocacy and support program for employers. The partnership will allow WIN members to access Cleo’s personalized family support platform, including Cleo Guides, who deliver one-to-one coaching to help individuals and families at all stages from family planning through parenting teens. Cleo clients will also have the opportunity to access WIN services, including support for fertility management, adoption, surrogacy, and egg freezing.

“WIN is excited to offer our clients Cleo’s personalized family support services through the WIN Family Services program,” says Roger Shedlin, JD, MD and CEO of WINFertility. “The Cleo collaboration with our WIN Family Services program supports our goal of helping our employers create an engaged and loyal workforce and help employees continue to care for their families beyond birth and into the formative years.”

The addition of Cleo Baby, Cleo Kids, and Cleo Teens enhances the WIN Family Services program, and expands WIN’s support for families from preconception through parenting. With Cleo, WIN’s preconception through postpartum services, including ovulation tracking, nutrition support, at-home male factor testing, maternity education, and return-to-work coaching are enhanced and expanded to support parenting at all stages, including navigation of complex needs like neurodiversity, pediatric mental health, and child care. This broad and customizable offering meets the employer market demand for additional family support services.

“Our partnership with WIN is an opportunity to continue delivering high quality services to employees and their families in their fertility journey into early childhood and beyond,” says Mike Leonard, Cleo’s President and Chief Commercial Officer. “Cleo is honored to complement WINFertility in supporting employers in offering the most holistic family support benefits to their employees.”

About WINFertility
WINFertility is the nation’s leading family-building and fertility benefit management company, providing comprehensive solutions for employers, health plans and consumers. From fertility management, including medical treatment, pharmacy and genetics to surrogacy and adoption, WINFertility has helped more than 150,000 families by providing access to the best doctors, technology, and support. WIN works with the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists and integrates with national and regional insurance carriers, as well as the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, to deliver the most advanced and effective fertility treatments and family-building solutions. WIN Nurse Care Managers navigate patients through the often complex process, providing clinical oversight, emotional support, advocacy, and education throughout the journey. Patients and clients that utilize WIN’s program see higher pregnancy rates, fewer multiple gestations, more efficient Rx utilization, and lower costs. The company headquarters are based in Greenwich, CT.

About Cleo
Cleo is the leading global family benefits platform trusted by 125+ forward-thinking employers to support families, control costs and attrition, and build inclusive cultures. Supported by proactive, specialized guidance for every stage from family planning to parenthood and beyond, Cleo families are happier, healthier, and more engaged as they balance their roles at home and at work. Cleo is creating a more equitable work world where everyone wins: employees are more supported and therefore more successful at work and home, and employers see their bottom line improved through higher retention, improved health outcomes, and a culture of inclusivity that stands the test of time.

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