Why Managed Benefits are Better, for Companies and Employees

The number of employers offering fertility benefits to their employees will increase dramatically by 2019, according to a recent survey by Willis Towers Watson.  Two-thirds of employers expect to provide these benefits to their employees, up from 55 percent in 2017.  Of those who already provide fertility benefits, 65 percent offer coverage to same-sex couples, and that number is expected to grow to 81 percent by 2019.

Why are employers expanding their benefits package to include coverage for fertility treatment?  How can your company offer fertility benefits while both managing costs and providing your employees with the most effective treatment protocols?

An Important Benefit for Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity

Fertility benefits have proven to be an effective tool for recruiting and retaining top employees.  As millennials comprise a larger portion of the workforce, their concerns increasingly drive benefits packages.  Many of them want to have a family, but not in the early years of their careers.  Many women are waiting until their late 30s or even age 40 to start a family.  Providing them with fertility benefits helps assure them they will have help to build their family later if it’s needed.  Companies in industries with the greatest competition for talented employees, such as tech and consulting, were among the earliest to offer fertility benefits.  Now companies across most industries, large and small, are including fertility coverage in their benefits packages.

Offering fertility benefits to same-sex couples is an important way to demonstrate a family-friendly workplace and commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workforce.  Fertility benefits are not just important to women, but to men and to same-sex couples as well.

Managed Benefits are a “Win-Win” for Employers and Employees

Adding fertility coverage with managed benefits is cost-effective and promotes better outcomes for your employees.  It truly is a “win-win” for both employers and employees.  Offering fertility benefits from WINFertility helps your employees make health care decisions based on best practices by fellowship-trained physicians, not their personal financial concerns.  WIN’s recommended testing, protocols, and treatment options are based on proven clinical results both from leading providers in the fertility field and clinical industry professional associations.  WIN’s goal is to increase the chance of each patient having a healthy, singleton pregnancy.

The WIN way saves employers money by reducing the number of high-order multiple pregnancies and related NICU utilization.  WIN’s dosing management of fertility medications reduces overutilization and wastage of expensive injectable drugs.   Formulary management promotes clinically sound and cost-effective prescribing. WIN’s initiatives also promote treatment options that yield better clinical outcomes and lower direct treatment costs while discouraging testing and treatments that aren’t necessary.  By utilizing WIN’s managed benefits, your employees have access to:

  • Fellowship trained Reproductive Endocrinologists who order tests, make the infertility diagnosis and make recommendations for IVF or IUI and appropriate advanced protocols
  • FertilityCoach® Nurses who guide the patient 24/7 in how to make the best fertility treatment choices and take medications
  • Genetic testing, egg freezing, and surrogacy or adoption services, if needed
  • Recommendations based on 20 years of evidence-based testing, protocols and treatment options and proven clinical results
  • The latest science-based and educational blogs that update patients on recent findings on infertility
  • The new WINFertility Companion AppSM, which gives your employees one-touch access to important fertility resources on their smartphones, including 24/7 availability of experienced clinicians

And all these benefits are available to LGBT and single employees, too.  With WIN, you design the plan that best suits your company and your employees.

Trusted Options for Family Building

WINFertility has been successfully managing fertility benefits for two decades, covering more than 70 million members.  Our comprehensive fertility solutions give employer groups the ability to select from an employer-paid or voluntary program and the flexibility to customize their own individual plan. Additionally, our IVF treatments are accessible to members of the LGBT population and singles who want to have families. WIN’s managed care programs include benefit design, adoption and surrogacy education and coordination.

WIN’s managed care drives cost-effectiveness by reducing benefit costs and improves the quality of care received by members.  We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, genetic testing laboratories and world-class fertility specialists across the country to get the best prices and best outcomes for our clients and their employees.

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