What Will You #StartAsking?

Patient Comments contributed by: Spring Creek Fertility, a participating WINFertility Provider Network “I always get very nervous when I have a doctors appointment. I was telling the nurse who brought me back how nervous I was and she dropped everything, told me her story and journey through infertility, and gave me a hug. I knew from that point that I was in the right place. She most definitely didn’t have to do that but it’s the little things that mean the most”. “This process if very new to me and the people at SpringCreek make themselves approachable and available for any questions, which is much appreciated”. “I can honestly say that all of you have been a blessing to my life. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do in other family’s who’s dream it is to have a baby. We have been truly grateful ever since we met Dr. Groll we have been able to understand what has been going on for all these years of us trying to conceive and nothing was happening and since March when he recommended the surgery we have seen excellent improvement. My husband and I have finally received our miracle and we are forever grateful. SpringCreek makes you feel like you are a part of their family. I drive over an hour to go to the appointments. Fertility issues are very stressful and I always left the office feeling comforted after crying and sharing the deepest fears behind my infertility. I will never be able to express fully in words the gratitude that I feel for Dr. Groll, his wife and their staff. You guys know what you are doing and you are doing an awesome job! I will always send people your way”. “I am comfortable asking questions or voicing concerns to any of the staff. I am never made to feel dumb for asking questions when I am not sure of the process needed. They take the time to explain what is happening and why they are doing what they are and to ask if I am ok and need any further clarification”. “I like that I am always greeted with a smile no matter which staff I am talking to. It is nice to be treated like a person and not just focused on my fertility needs. I enjoy chatting with everyone and not just left in a sterile doctor’s office environment. The fertility process can be hard physically and emotionally and it is nice to feel welcomed and treated with respect not just another number or appointment to get over with”.

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