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Three Things to Know About Inclusive Family Building


National Infertility Awareness Week: April 28th Webinar

The final webinar in the series focused on the unique challenges for single parents by choice and the LGBTQ+ community. In this session we discussed the many avenues to becoming a parent, donor egg and sperm insights, as well as the cost and timeline expectations.

Presented by:

Dr. Nina Resetkova – Member of WIN’s Medical Advisory Board and reproductive endocrinologist at Boston IVF

Rachel Jones, RN – WIN Director of Clinical Client Implementations


LGBTQ+ couples and single parents by choice face unique fertility circumstances and often must choose from a wide array of reproductive options. Dr. Resetkova described a variety of family building paths including  fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and the use of donor eggs/sperm.

In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24th-30th, 2022) WINFertility presented this free webinar series led by world-renowned fertility specialists to help navigate challenges on the path to parenthood.