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#NIAW “Mommy”… A Brand New Name


As part of the National Infertility Awareness Week (#NIAW#flipthescript) Rhonda’s Story from

When I was 37 I decided to have my eggs frozen. It was beginning to concern me that I was getting older but didn’t have a prospect for a husband. The doctors were able to retrieve 12 eggs. So I began to feel relieved that I had my back-up plan in place for when I finally met my husband. So a year later I’m now 38 1/2 and still no husband. I decide I’m ready to take on the journey of motherhood by myself. Waiting on a husband was becoming more and more time sensitive as I was quickly reaching the big 4-0. Deciding that I needed to act now, in order to carry a healthy baby full term I began the journey.

Deciding it was time to begin my family I chose to use donor sperm and the IUI process to conceive, with the intention of saving my eggs I had frozen for my husband and I to use later. After 3 IUIs it was clear that this process wasn’t for me. I moved to IVF. I began another egg retrieval cycle  because I wanted to save my 12 frozen eggs for my husband. They were able to retrieve 8 eggs. Of the 8 eggs only 1 fertilized with donor sperm. I went ahead with the transfer but it was unsuccessful. (4th attempt) I decided to go all in and thaw out my 12 eggs and use donor sperm again. When my eggs were thawed only 3 survived the thaw and only 1 fertilized. I went for another transfer and it was unsuccessful. (5th attempt) When the rounds of IVF with my own eggs were unsuccessful I adopted 6 embryos. I went through two IVFs with adopted embryos. On the 7th round I finally saw a positive result in the pregnancy test window.
To say I endured this long journey with consistent joy would be a lie. To say I didn’t question whether I should stop would also be a lie. This was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. There was mourning every monthly period, there were tears, I questioned myself, the procedures, and the future. I don’t know why it took me 13 months and 7 attempts. What I do know is I believe in my heart that the Lord desired for me to be a mom. That it was a promise, given to me. I never let go of that promise because I trusted that He who was making the promise was forever faithful.

The staff at PREG has become family over the past 13 months. Dr. Nichols patience and kindness was exactly what I needed each procedure, Lindsay’s consistent support and hope was the best for my heart, all the nurses were kind and always willing to answer my 1000 questions. I can’t imagine doing this journey without each of them. I will never forget the appointment once I tested positive. I’ve never had so many hugs, cheers and congratulations; just as a family should be.

If you are in the midst of trying to conceive I encourage you to not give up. It isn’t easy, it’s emotionally exhausting, it’s financially taxing, it’s downright tough. But take heart, dear one, the Promisor never breaks his promise.

A woman with a brand new name, Mommy.