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Infertility: You Are Not Alone


Three Ways to Get the Support You Need

If you’re trying to conceive and finding it hard to get pregnant, you may think you’re the only one going through this. Just the sight of someone else with a baby may make you feel sad and lonely. Fertility problems can cause feelings of isolation, depression or even anger. Men are affected as well as women. Friends and family members who haven’t been through this often don’t understand and may hurt your feelings without meaning to.

It’s time to realize, you are not alone! Millions of people are suffering infertility in silence—as many as one in eight couples of reproductive age. Sharing encourages a sense of community and helps break down the walls of isolation. Just reading about the experiences of others and reaching out to comment or share can help you feel better. Here are three ways to find other people who are on the same journey and understand.

Support Groups

A support group, whether led by professionals or by your peers, will help you feel less alone and let you share your feelings with other people in the same situation. Did you know there may be support groups in your area for people struggling with fertility problems? RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, has formed support groups in many areas. To find a group near you, click here. RESOLVE also has lots of information about whether a support group is right for you. These groups can be helpful if you have a difficult decision to make, you are looking at taking a different path in your fertility journey, or you have suffered a loss, among the most common and upsetting situations.

Social Media

There are many Facebook pages and groups out there for people suffering from infertility. Be sure you choose carefully which ones you become involved with. Reading about others’ experiences and sharing your own can help you feel less isolated and alone.


There are also many infertility blogs, and you need to be selective about which ones have good information and empathetic writers. The New York Times has several responsible, thoughtful bloggers at It has realistic reporting as well as stories of hope and loss. Fertility Diary by Amy Klein is insightful and honest. RESOLVE gives the Hope Award for Best Blog, and their nominees are generally good writers who can tell their stories well.