Egg Donation Information for Recipients

There are many reasons why a fertility center may suggest that you and your partner should consider using donor eggs to conceive. Once you have decided that you desire to use donor eggs there will be several more important decisions to make. Your first decision after deciding to go with an egg donor is concerning whether you and your partner want a donor that you know or an anonymous one. On one hand, some couples want to know the donor, be familiar with the genetics of the donor, use a sister/family member that is like the female recipient. Sometimes, known egg donors are used to decrease costs. Some recipients want to keep involved with the egg donor, and let them be involved throughout the baby’s life. If these are important issues to you, then a known egg donor may be best. However, others often do not wish contact with the person donating the eggs. The recipients wish to have basic information about the donor and not have future contact/or have the choice to have future contact if they change their mind, then an anonymous donor may be best. There are risks and benefits associated with each choice, however the decision of anonymous versus known is a very personal one.

Anonymous Egg Donor

An anonymous egg donor is someone who you do not meet. Egg donation agencies or IVF clinics usually help find this type of donor for you. If not on the profile, you won’t even know her name. You may or may not see a picture of the donor. The donor will also not know the name of the recipients. She will only know how many eggs were retrieved and in some cases, if a pregnancy resulted.

Semi-Egg Donor

The semi-egg donor is someone who may know the first names and the state the recipients live in and vice versa. They probably won’t share physical addresses or any other personal information. However, they may exchange emails and/or photos.

Known Egg Donor

A known egg donor is usually someone you know– like a family member, a friend, or someone selected by the recipient. The recipient and donor may exchange all information and stay close throughout the entire pregnancy. Also, these donors actually meet the child. Many times, recipients want to stay close to the egg donor for medical reasons or because they are family or a friend.

Facts about Fertility Clinics

All egg donors, whether anonymous or known, will complete vigorous screening. Most egg donor agencies have websites which will allow you to view the egg donor’s profile. It is totally up to you, the recipient, to choose what you want out of your donor, because it will be part of the make-up of your future child. Here is a list of common things that recipients use to choose an egg donor:
  • A donor who would physically resemble themselves, so that the child may have some resemblance of the recipient mother
  • An egg donor that has donated before, therefore providing some reassurance of success
  • A healthy, stable and young egg donor to help indicate healthy egg quantity and quality
  • Education and or SAT scores
  • Athletic ability, if desired
  • Arts and music, if desired
  • Attractive to the recipient
Some last thoughts about using an egg donor include making sure you research this process. Paying higher prices doesn’t ensure a better donor nor does it ensure a better egg. Again, make sure that a complete profile is filled out on the donor involving all aspects of their life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Finally, make sure the Centers you deal with are legit and prepare for a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby.

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