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Reproductive Behavioral Health

WIN Solutions

Care, Education and oversight from start to finish.

From comprehensive fertility benefit management, including medical and pharmacy, to genetic testing, egg freezing, surrogacy, adoption and reproductive behavioral health support, WINFertility offers a suite of inclusive family-building solutions to help your employees and members build the family of their dreams.

WIN’s comprehensive behavioral health program offers emotional support to patients on a family-building journey. Decreasing stress and improving overall well-being through evidence-based techniques, this service puts the patient’s mental health first. Our behavioral health program decreases patient treatment termination and increases pregnancy rates.

WIN’s Behavioral Health trained Care Managers are trained and experienced in reproductive behavioral health, and become personal advocates to help guide and support patients through the emotional challenges while on your family-building journey.

WIN’s Behavioral Health trained Care Managers provide one-on-one or couples’ consultations that will be tailored to patient-specific needs which includes a range of different topics. Common topics could include discussions around managing stress and grief associated with infertility, marriage and relationship difficulties and coping after failed treatment or pregnancy loss, in addition to providing on-going support and resources throughout the family-building journey.