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Care, Education and oversight from start to finish.

From comprehensive fertility benefit management, including medical and pharmacy, to genetic testing, egg freezing, surrogacy, adoption and reproductive behavioral health support, WINFertility offers a suite of inclusive family-building solutions to help your employees and members build the family of their dreams.

Our adoption services are complete and inclusive. Connecting future parents with experts in the space, we make a complicated and sometimes overwhelming process simple and full of hope.

If you’re interested in adoption, WINFertility provides support and care throughout your adoption journey including adoption education and claim processing. The WIN adoption program provides managed adoption services with referrals to experienced agencies, nurse and behavioral health consultations for new parent(s), collection, review and authorization of claims with advice to pay to payroll department, WIN adoption specialists to educate patients on the adoption process and potential costs, and patient referral to Vesta (formerly the Employee Adoption & ART Program).

Vesta includes an online curriculum of helpful resources explaining non-traditional family-building options, processes and costs, one-on-one coaching by caring experts to help guide patients on the path that is best for them, and a high-value low cost benefit with clarity and understanding, while reducing stress and saving time and money.

The online portal through Vesta provides access to an in-depth, on-demand video library with topics including adoption, choosing a path and a provider, how to pay for the journey including information on grants, loans and fundraising, and live webinars designed to explain the benefit, how to utilize the resources and coach and support throughout the family-building journey.