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IVFMD South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine

For more than 20 years, the physicians at South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM) have helped thousands of patients successfully become parents. SFIRM has remained one of the largest and most respected fertility centers in the region because of their focused attention to individual patient needs and a commitment to employing the latest, most appropriate advances in infertility treatment. Their dedication to providing the very best care is demonstrated by SFIRM’s consistently superior success rates—among the highest for all age groups in the state.

The culturally diverse team of clinicians ensures that patients who travel to South Florida from around the country or around the world are made to feel secure and comfortable in knowing that the entire organization is both highly experienced and has deep understanding of the physical, emotional and financial challenges that infertility presents.


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Comprehensive Infertility Services ranging from conventional male & female diagnosis and treatment through high-tech IVF, ICSI, PGD, gender selection, third party reproduction, tubal reversal, counseling for nutrition and psychology.

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