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Our friendly FertilityCoachSM Nurses and professionally-trained Patients Specialists form a 24/7 team around you, supporting you every step of the way.

Like many people, Jennifer had no idea that so many couples were struggling with infertility, until she started working in the field.  “Seeing so many couples desperate to become parents, willing to do anything to have a family motivated me to become a fertility nurse,” she says.

Jennifer enjoys being a nurse and is especially happy to work in the fertility field. “Helping people feels good and I can’t think of any other career choice that would allow me to assist people to achieve their dreams,” she says.

Jennifer has several years of nursing experience and was a fertility nurse coordinator at Boston IVF, New York.  She has an associate degree in nursing from Hudson Valley Community College and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Maria College.  She’s pursuing a master’s degree at Wilkes University.

She appreciates the WIN team and how they work together in a friendly, helpful and caring way to provide the most effective outcomes for their members and patients. “Everyone is friendly, helpful, and truly wants everyone on the team to have the knowledge they need to do the best job possible for our patients,” she says.

Remaining calm and asking questions along the way help patients succeed, Jennifer believes.  “Don’t try to absorb all the information in one sitting,” she says.  “Take it slow and steady.”

She remembers one patient who had twice suffered miscarriages at 28 weeks for unexplained reasons and then had difficulty conceiving again at 28 years old.  The patient tried numerous fertility treatments before moving on to IVF, and went through several cycles with two fertility clinics.  But her perseverance paid off, and the patient now has a healthy baby boy.

“In fertility, timing is everything and many stars have to align,” Jennifer says.  “We help to make sure that everything lines up for our patients.”


If you go to a fertility clinic in the WINFertility network you will have access to WIN’s FertilityCoachSM Nurses and professionally-trained Patient Specialists. Call 855-705-4483[4IVF] for more information.

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