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Pamela, Nurse Care Manager

Pamela always knew she wanted to help people. Coming to the US from Guyana at the age of 22, she continued her education to become a nurse at CUNY Queensborough. Being a licensed nurse for 6 years, Pamela believes that every nurse should get to know their patients without judgment. Fertility treatment can fuel despair, but having a human connection with someone who understands, can make all the difference. “If you are providing care, it is crucial to know where your patient is coming from and what they are going through. Truly understanding your patients helps you to better serve them.”

Pamela’s words of wisdom:

Science and technology allow us to do so much, but there are additional sources to tap into as well. With infertility, you need to use all of the energy and resources around you, including counseling and acupuncture. Explore other avenues that may help you on your journey.