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Melissa, Nurse Care Manager

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Melissa grew up in a very family-oriented household. Despite having family-roots in the medical and nursing fields, she didn’t realize how much she wanted to help others build a family, until she experienced what she considers to be the greatest love – having a son of her own.

With over 10 years’ experience as a nurse, Melissa’s familiarity with infertility in her family has fueled her passion for creating one-on-one connections with her patients. “Going through an infertility journey can cause a patient to feel very exposed, making it difficult for them to ask questions. That’s what I love about being a nurse at WINFertility- we create an accepting environment for patients to ask those uncomfortable questions that they don’t want to ask anyone else.”

Melissa’s words of wisdom:

Don’t be afraid to ask anything and everything. All questions are vital, and opening the door to a relationship between nurse and patient can change their perspective on the difficult infertility process.