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Helena, Nurse Care Manager

Helena has been a nurse for nearly 20 years. After starting her career in the cardiac field, she quickly moved to gynecology where she spent much of her time working with the LGBTQ community. From there she moved into the fertility field and worked at Cornell Fertility Center for just over 5 years.
Helena says that working in the fertility space is special. It’s not like working at a hospital, a place where patients don’t want to be. “I love helping people that want to be helped. Every patient I work with wants to build a family. They have made a choice to work toward that goal.” Helena knows just how frustrating an infertility journey can be. “I’ve been through IVF myself, and I think that patients find it comforting to talk with someone that has first-hand experience in the process.”

Helena’s words of wisdom:

The stigma that used to come with infertility is beginning to dissolve. More and more people are comfortable talking about it, because more and more people are actually experiencing infertility. Know that you’re not alone.