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M2: Slideshow or Grid Module

Standard Slideshow

This is the standard format of the M2 module. A slideshow can be composed of explicitly set images and text, or it can pull from selected site pages.

  • Slide 1

    Slide text position and alignment can be individually adjusted

  • Videos can also be used slides

    The videos will loop continuously on mute

    Closing and or disclaimer text can be added here

    Example Slideshow Options

    A slideshow can be set to be full width of the browser, slide infinitely, and can also slide vertically.

      Grid Option

      Since slideshows and grids are essentially a sequence of similar content in different formats, a grid layout is an alternative view that can be set. You have total control over the number of columns the content displays in. The below content is loading from existing test blog posts. An unlimited amount of pages can be added, which will define the number of rows displayed. The text is also set to center alignment.

      Numbered List

      This is an example of a numbered list.