Bilin Media
M1: Headline, Copy, Form, Button

This modules allows for a headline, copy, form, and or button. All fields are optional to allow flexibility in use, and allow a number of background and styling options. These modules can be set to full width of the page or align 2×2 horizontally.

This text area is one, with a “bottom rule” set.

Example 1

This example enables a headline, text and the display of a form.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Option 2

This example incorporates a background image which can be set to “Fixed” or “Parallax” when scrolling. This also displays text set to center align and displays a button.

Optional Button

Small Module 1

Example of left module set 2×2

Optional Button

Small Module 2

Example of right module set 2×2. You can add images here too, and make the text light colored.