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Fertility Management

If you are under 35 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months without success, 35+ and have been trying for six months, or 39+ and have been trying unsuccessfully for three months, you may need fertility treatment if you want to have a baby. Navigating the fertility treatment landscape by yourself can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.

Fertility management is a service which either integrates with or supplements your health insurance coverage for fertility treatment and helps make the process smoother, less stressful, and more successful.

WINFertility may work with your health insurance carrier’s provider network or may provide access to its network of fertility specialists, depending on the plan your employer chooses. Both models ensure that patients see the highest-quality providers. In either case, patients work with a Nurse Care Manager to find the most appropriate fertility specialist and manage their care, including testing, treatments, and medications. The Nurse Care Manager is available 24/7 to support you through your family building journey.


WINFertility specializes in fertility management, which improves patient outcomes and makes fertility treatment less stressful. WIN Nurse Care Managers guide patients through their fertility journey, helping them make decisions and advocating for patients throughout the process.


 Your Nurse Care Manager:

  • Helps you choose the most appropriate doctors, treatments, and medications to realize your dream of having a family
  • Educates you on treatment options and medications
  • Serves as a resource on using self-injected medications, which can be stressful
  • Manages your fertility related drugs, saving you money
  • Helps you make decisions to get the baby you want, while minimizing the chance of risky multiple births
  • Helps you manage the cost of fertility treatment
  • Supports you emotionally and advocates for you throughout your fertility journey

When you build your family through WINFertility’s managed care, you have 24/7 support. Most importantly, patients who use WIN’s protocols have increased pregnancy rates and fewer multiple births and hospitalizations, which means healthier mothers and babies.

You can expect to go through these stages on your fertility treatment journey:

  • Connecting with a Nurse Care Manager, who will help you find a fertility specialist
  • Initial fertility evaluation, including physical exam and testing
  • Development of personalized treatment plan
  • Nurse Care Manager will manage your fertility related medications and teach you how to use them
  • If IVF is the recommended treatment, ovarian stimulation and IVF to produce embryos
  • If sufficient healthy embryos are produced, embryo transfer is carried out
  • If an embryo implants, pregnancy is the result

As a specialist in fertility management, WINFertility offers a comprehensive care management model which combines all aspects of medical and pharmacy infertility care management and can easily integrate with your existing insurance carrier. Treatment solutions can be delivered using WIN’s provider network or integrated with an employer’s chosen health insurance carrier. Both models connect patients to the highest quality providers. Through fertility management, WIN patients are able to maximize their dollars by choosing clinically-appropriate treatment plans and related medications.

Our Nurse Care Managers educate patients on treatment options and medications recommended by their clinical team. Self-administered medications are commonly anxiety provoking, especially for those that have never had to give themselves injections before. WIN nurses assist in bridging this gap and serve as a resource, walking patients through how to administer medication correctly. Dosing and formulary management allows for accurate dispensing of medications without disruption of service, reducing overutilization and wastage, and achieving 100% formulary compliance. Our prior authorization program provides dosing management for all fertility related drugs, driving efficiency and cost savings.Our diagnosis-specific care management is based on proprietary, evidence–based protocols to ensure the most effective care, including IVF with eSET (elective single embryo transfer) as the first line of treatment.

WINFertility’s fertility management has been shown to result in:

  • Higher pregnancy rates
  • Lower rates of premature and multiple births
  • Decreased NICU expense
  • Decreased health care costs from long term care for premature babies
  • Increased employee satisfaction

As the average age of first-time motherhood increases, infertility becomes more likely, and demand for fertility treatment and other family-building methods is likely to increase, as well. WINFertility’s solutions can help you attract and retain employees in a competitive marketplace, increasing employee satisfaction while controlling the costs of fertility treatment.