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The Benefit of Offering Fertility Benefits

Better and safer pregnancy outcomes, happier employees and significant long-term cost savings are just the beginning of what professional fertility benefits management delivers to employers across the country.

Here's Why It Really Matters...

Employers from all market segments (including telecom, retail, tech, banking, legal, professional services, manufacturing and the public sector) are increasingly adding a WINFertility Managed Fertility Benefit Program to their workforce to help with the following:

Attract Top Talent

Workplace Benefits and a Strong Company Culture Matter

Control Your Costs

Affordable Fertility Care Benefits for your Employees

Provide Extensive Fertility Expertise

Nation's leading expert. From benefit design and management to service and support, extending expertise to all our customers.

Ensure You Have Support and Guidance

Our group works closely with your team to assess the needs of your business and design the best program possible for you and your employees.

Give Employees Easy Benefit Access

Like you, we put the employee first. That means providing your staff with 24/7 support from our FertilityCoach NursesSM and customer care teams.

Develop Customized Affordable Plans

We work with drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and fertility specialists across the country to ensure best possible pricing.

The Hidden Cost of Not Offering Fertility Benefits

Uninsured patients who have to pay for advanced fertility treatment out of their own pocket often make medical choices based on their personal financial situation, not sound medical advice. As a result, they often choose to ‘stack the deck’ by implanting multiple embryos per cycle in the hopes of greater odds in achieving pregnancy. This often results in high rates of twins and triplets and costly maternity care that can likely include a C-section, premature births, intensive care hospital stays, not to mention paying for health care costs for the child’s chronic conditions.

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Treatment Cost Savings Demonstrated


Pharmacy Cost Savings vs. Market Rates


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Cost Savings

The WINFertility Experience.

WIN’s programs are engineered to put the patient first. Our 24/7 FertilityCoach® Nurse experts become the patient’s personal advisor and advocate. By managing each patient’s fertility benefits, including medical treatment, medications and genetic testing, want-to-be-parents receive the most appropriate treatment for their own unique diagnosis — resulting in optimal outcomes for employee and employer alike. When you can remove cost constraints, patients make sound medical decisions based science-based protocols, that are founded on proven clinical results and validated by leading providers within the fertility community, as well as clinical industry professionals.


Better for Employers

  • Design and customize your benefit to fit the unique needs of your business.
  • Phase-in the benefit at your own pace and with your existing partners.
  • Quick implementation and easy onboarding with custom materials for your employees.
  • Cost saving analysis and data outcomes reporting provided on a quarterly basis.


Better For Employees

  • Priority availability to our network of top ranked fertility specialists across the country.
  • Assistance in provider selection and personalized patient guidance throughout the entire fertility journey.
  • 24/7 access to our FertilityCoach Nurses to provide additional support and answer patient questions.
  • Educational and informational resources about the benefit, infertility, treatments, medications, and more.

Fertility Solutions for All Businesses Sizes:
National, Mid-sized, and Small.

Serving Clients Across All Industries.

Our comprehensive solutions give employer groups the ability to select from an employer-paid
or voluntary program and the flexibility to customize their own individual plan.


24/7 FertilityCoach Nurses available to answer questions and help patients with provider and practice selection.


Resources about infertility, the causes, testing, diagnosis, treatments, success rates, medications, usage, storage, and side effects.

Personalized Support

Personalized support throughout the patient’s entire fertility journey and assistance in navigating the system.

Accounting. Auto. Banking. Consulting. Communications. Consumer Products. Employment. Fashion. Financial Services. Food and Beverage. Health. Journalism and News. Legal Services. Manufacturing. Media and Broadcasting. Pharmaceuticals. Publishing. Real Estate. Retail. Technology. Transportation. Government. Municipalities.

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