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Why Inclusive Benefits Matter

Fertility Benefits Plus Adoption and Surrogacy More and more companies are offering fertility benefits to their employees.  The number of companies providing these benefits has been increasing dramatically.  Fertility benefits are becoming a valuable recruitment and retention...
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Using a Surrogate

What You Need to Know There are several reasons to consider using a surrogate to bear your child.  Male same-sex couples who want to have a biological child often use a surrogate.  Some women are unable to carry and bear a child due to cancer treatment, genetic conditions, having...
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Gestational Surrogacy and the Law

A gestational surrogate or gestational carrier is a woman who carries a baby that was conceived via IVF, using the biological mother’s egg or a donor egg, and the biological father’s sperm or donor sperm. The surrogate has no genetic connection to the baby. She carries it and...
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