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Secondary Infertility: It’s More Common than You Think

#DYK you can be infertile, even if you’ve had a child? Many couples who had an easy time conceiving their first or even second child may find it hard to conceive another one. Secondary infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant and carry a child to term following the...
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Five Facts About Secondary Infertility

Can We Have Another Baby? If getting pregnant with your first child was a breeze, you may be surprised when your next pregnancy doesn’t happen as easily. If you’re under 35 and have been trying for a year, or 35 or older and have been trying for six months without conceiving, you...
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The Second Time Around

A few months ago, Claire*, a woman in her late thirties, walked into my office. Tall and confident, with a strong handshake and a wry smile, she was the owner of a small textile firm, married for five years, mother to a beautiful three year old child. She was also sitting in the...
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