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Six Facts Everyone Considering IVF Should Know About PGS

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is a type of genetic testing which is increasing in use as part of IVF cycles. Here are a few facts you should know if you are considering IVF. PGS Screens for Chromosome Abnormalities PGS tests whether an embryo has the correct number of...
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3 Common Misconceptions about PGS

What Is and Isn’t True One of the most misunderstood treatment choices for infertility is preimplantation genetic screening, known as PGS. PGS is a screening procedure that checks the number of chromosomes in an embryo, using a few cells from its outer layer. The test looks for...
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What’s the Difference? If you’re looking into IVF, you may have seen references to PGD and PGS. Both are types of genetic testing performed on cells from embryos in the embryology lab, but they have different purposes and screen for different genetic problems. Many people having...
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Genetic Diagnosis and Its Impact on IVF

PGD, PGS, Family Balancing Ever since the first “test tube baby,” people have been speculating about the possibility of creating “designer babies” and selecting for preferred characteristics. Advanced reproductive technology has not progressed that far, and it is not likely to...
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