It May Be Time To Add Fertility Benefits To Your Healthcare Offerings

Did you know that the fertility rate in the U.S. is at its lowest point in more than a century?

This was revealed recently by findings from the National Center for Health Statistics[1][2]. With more professionals entering the workforce in their 20s and 30s and delaying starting their families, this decline in fertility rate will only continue.

As hiring a talented and diverse workforce becomes the priority for many companies, providing generational benefits that meet employees needs are pivotal to attracting those skilled employees. WINFertility knows that providing expertly managed fertility benefit coverage can be a tremendous draw. In fact, providing employees with a Managed Fertility Benefit is an important part of the overall benefits package for many employees today.

Science-driven. Cost effective. Best outcomes. Let’s examine the real benefits of Managed Fertility Coverage to employers and employee members today.

Managed Coverage Saves Employers Money

Managed fertility benefits allow patients to most efficiently use the benefit in a cost-effective way. The goal of WINFertility’s management is to enhance the likelihood of a successful singleton pregnancy for each patient, as opposed to multiples while limiting the costs of fertility care. The managed benefit helps reduce absenteeism, problems during pregnancy and time in the NICU, saving the employer money and increasing the value of the employee’s benefit.

Managed Coverage Uses a Highly-Trained Fertility Team

Prior to the initiation of treatment on any patient, WINFertility’s highly skilled fertility team reviews the following:

  • Accumulator
  • Benefit
  • Claims information
  • Eligibility
  • Medical history

Historically, employees have been eager to participate and often reach out to WINFertility as soon as they were notified of the benefit program (many times before the official start date).

Managed Coverage on Proven Evidence-Based Treatment

WINFertility’s recommended testing, practices, and treatment options are grounded on proven clinical results as validated by leading providers within the fertility community, as well as clinical industry professional associations.

Managed Coverage Offers Strategic Guidance

WINFertility’s managed benefit plan offers a trained and licensed FertilityCoach® Nurse 24/7 to guide each patient. These nurses spend time one-on-one educating each patient on fertility tests and treatment, as well as their pharmacy dosing usage, storage, and medication side effects. We’ve found that personalized education by a fertility trained nurse assists patients in maximizing their fertility benefit.

Managed Coverage Offers Many Fertility Options

WIN’s managed benefit program includes egg freezing, genetic testing (if needed), adoption and surrogacy education and coordination. In addition, our IVF treatments are accessible to members of the LGBT population, same-sex couples and singles who want to have families. WIN believes all people can have families if that is their desire.

With two decades of experience managing fertility benefits for health plans and employer groups, WIN is the nation’s preeminent leader in improving both member outcomes and patient health. We provide employers and insurers with a flexible suite of services and substantial financial savings while optimizing clinical outcomes.

WIN is Effective and Highly Personalized with Superior Outcomes

If you want to support your employees in starting families in a cost-effective, compassionate manner, look to WINFertility. WIN has the most effective and affordable approach to high-priced fertility treatment today. Combined with highly personalized services, innovative fertility treatments, and superior outcomes, WIN is ready when you are to help people start a family.


It May Be Time to Add a Fertility Benefits to Your Healthcare Offerings

WINFertility has been successfully managing fertility benefits for two decades, covering millions of members and has compiled over 500,000,000 member months of data, the largest quality benchmark database in the entire industry.

Our comprehensive fertility solutions give employer groups the ability to select an employer-paid or voluntary program and the flexibility to customize their own individual plan. Additionally, our IVF treatments are accessible to members of the LGBT population and singles who want to have families. WIN’s managed care program includes adoption and surrogacy education and coordination.

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WINFertility provides more people with access to better fertility coverage at a fraction of the cost.


[1] Rossen LM, Osterman MJK, Hamilton BE, Martin JA. Quarterly provisional estimates for selected birth indicators, 2015-Quarter 2, 2017. National Center for Health Statistics. National Vital Statistics System, Vital Statistics Rapid Release Program. 2017.