IVF Success or Failure – What If You Need a Second IVF Cycle?

Fertility treatment is now more successful than ever at creating families. As research is done and the fertility field gains more and more experience, more and more people are having success with IVF. If you’re starting IVF treatment, you’re probably excited, scared and filled with anticipation. As you should be! You’re on the road to becoming a parent.

Many women think that their odds of success on the first cycle are 80 percent or more, but unfortunately that is not accurate. Even young and fertile couples have just a 15 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant in any given month. Women with the best chances of IVF success have rates of 40 percent or more per cycle, while the majority of women have per-cycle success rates of 20 to 35 percent, according to RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association.

There is no guarantee that your first cycle will work. Nobody can predict whether it will or not. Those are the facts. Especially if you’re older than 35, you are more likely to need a second cycle before you hit the baby jackpot. How can you prepare, in case you do need a second chance? How can you afford the cost of treatment?

2nd Chance IVFTM

Now there’s a new way to plan ahead for the cost of IVF treatment without committing to a large number of IVF cycles. If you’re concerned about the cost of multiple IVF cycles, WINFertility has a new IVF refund program which may be right for you.

Unlike other multi-cycle refund programs, the 2nd Chance IVFTM Refund Program does not require you to commit to several cycles in order to qualify for a refund if you’re unsuccessful.

Maximize your chance for success. Minimize your risk for overpaying.

newborn2nd Chance IVF gives you two chances to have a successful pregnancy, covering a complete fresh and a complete frozen IVF cycle including all medications and cryopreservation. Patients have up to 12 months after the fresh cycle to use the frozen embryo transfer (FET.) If the FET is not used, the patient receives up to a 70% refund or credit on the unused FET and medications.

Other multi-cycle packages out there require you to commit to two fresh and two frozen cycles, or even three fresh and three frozen cycles, in order to qualify for a refund. Most of them do not include the cost of medications. And, if you do get pregnant and deliver a baby, you do not get a refund on the unused treatments that you have paid a discounted price for.

The 2nd Chance IVF Refund Program is so different!
If you get pregnant and have a baby from your Fresh IVF cycle and decide not to use the FET, you get up to a 70 percent refund or credit, minimizing your risk of overpaying for success. If you don’t get pregnant on the Fresh IVF cycle and decide you don’t want to do another cycle, or you had no viable embryos to freeze, you still get up to a 70 percent refund or credit. If you don’t get pregnant on the Fresh cycle and you do on the Frozen cycle, you have the baby you were trying for! And by planning ahead for the cost of treatment, including the expense of fertility drugs, you have maximized both your chances for success and your cost savings.

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The 2nd Chance IVF Program is available only through selected fertility centers in the WINFertility Network. To find a fertility specialist in the WINFertility Network, call 855-705-4483 to speak to a WINFertility Patient Specialist.