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Monica has a great deal of insight into the IVF patient experience, not only from her 20-year nursing career, but as a former IVF patient herself.  She has 13-year-old twin boys from IVF, as well as an 11-year-old daughter who was conceived naturally.

“I believe that there is nothing more precious than a child,” Monica says. “I love being able to help patients achieve their dream of becoming a parent. I also really enjoy working in a challenging field that is always changing and on the forefront of medicine.”

Before joining WINFertility, Monica was a clinical nurse at Garden State Urology and was a nurse coordinator and nurse manager at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey for almost 14 years.  Prior to that she held various positions at other fertility treatment centers, including IVF assistant nurse manager at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.   She earned her B.S. in nursing from Georgetown University.

Monica loves being a WIN FertilityCoachSM .  “Not only have I been in the field for over 20 years but I lived through infertility personally,” she says. “I love being able to educate and encourage patients through a very difficult time in their lives.  WIN offers patients assistance on all fronts.”

As someone who experienced infertility herself, Monica encourages patients to not be overwhelmed by it.  “Try not to let it take over your life,” she says.  “I think it is important to try to stay positive and to focus on other aspects of your life that are going well and that you have a little more control over.” Recently she was moved by talking to a 42-year-old woman with uterine cancer who wanted to discuss her chances of success with egg freezing.  “It made me want to spread the word to single women not to wait too long to freeze your eggs,” she says.

Monica empathizes with her patients and admires their resilience.  “Fertility patients have taught me to persevere through difficult times in order to achieve your goals,” she says.

Being active is fun to her. She practices yoga, and enjoys running, biking, swimming, and boot camp.  Monica also enjoys competing in 5k races, mud runs and sprint triathlons.

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