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lisaLisa’s advice to people considering fertility treatment is simple: “Don’t delay seeking help.” Then she adds, “There’s always hope! Never say never!”

Lisa always begins her day with a cup of tea, a calm way to start a busy day of working with patients going through the emotional highs and lows of fertility treatment. Lisa has 30 years of experience in women’s health, which makes her a tremendous resource as WINFertility’s Senior Director of Clinical Services and Quality Assurance. She has been with WIN Healthcare for 10 years. Prior to WIN she was clinical administrative manager at Montefiore Medical Center’s Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Health in Hartsdale, NY. Early in her career she was an OB/GYN nurse in Texas.

Lisa empathizes completely with women who want to be mothers and says, “Working in a field where that goal is often achieved is very satisfying.” Patients typically develop a close relationship with their nurse. “I still receive holiday cards from some of my former patients with pictures of their children,” she says. “It makes me feel very privileged to be a small part of their lives.”

In some cases fertility treatment brings new life out of dire situations. Several years ago Lisa worked with a couple where the wife was getting ready to undergo treatment for cancer. There was no time to spare, so the clinic had only one chance to retrieve her eggs, and the couple used a gestational carrier. Only two eggs fertilized, and the embryos were transferred to the carrier.

“On Christmas Eve of that year the gestational carrier came in for the pregnancy test and the doctor let me call the patient to tell her that we had a strongly positive pregnancy test,” Lisa says. “I will never forget the tears of joy that we both cried that day. Nine months later her beautiful healthy twins were born.”

Lisa enjoys working with “the amazing nurses and physicians” who are WINFertility Care Managers and on the Medical Advisory Board. “We provide the patients with expert support during an emotionally, financially and physically arduous journey.”

She is enthusiastic about the company’s philosophy of promoting best practices in the field of reproductive medicine.

Lisa is married to her “best friend,” Daniel, and has two children, who she says are “the best thing ever to happen to me.” She also has two stepdaughters and enjoys her step-grandchildren.

Lisa and Daniel have two Bichon-Poos, Oscar and Curley, which they consider part of the family. In her free time Lisa enjoys playing the piano, reading and spending time with her “very wise and funny 93-year-old mother.” She also likes to travel when she gets the opportunity and does volunteer work with her church.

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