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Connecting those dealing with infertility, with those who can help.

Over 7 million people in the US suffer with infertility, affecting one in every eight people of childbearing age across the country. The consequences of this complex disease are far-reaching – impacting individuals, physicians, employers and payors.

For fifteen years, WINFertility has been a trusted partner to these groups, linking those struggling with infertility, to those who can help. As the industry leader in infertility management services, WINFertility’s foundation is built on value: delivering the highest quality infertility care at below-market rates, while providing emotional support and education during this most challenging process.

WINFertility consistently delivers results: Increased pregnancy rates, reduced high-order multiple births, significant cost savings and overall patient satisfaction rates at 95% for more than a decade.

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  • WINFertility Solutions

    • Medical Diagnosis and Management
    • Pharmaceutical Management
    • Patient Education and Support
    • Patient Financing Options
    • Claims Adjudication and more
  • Managed Infertility Demonstrated Results

    • Increased pregnancy rates
    • Reductions in medically unnecessary and low-yield procedures
    • Reductions in high order multiple gestations and corresponding NICU admission
    • Favorably priced medical and pharmacy networks
    • Increased use of preferred Rx agents and elimination of waste in Rx dispensing
    • Excellent patient and provider satisfaction scores
  • Managed Infertility Cost Savings

    • Medical infertility savings up to 50%
    • Pharmacy savings up to 45%
    • Increased pregnancy rates by 25%
    • Decreased number of high order multiple births by over 50%
    • Reduced NICU Admissions 15 – 45%
  • WINFertility Self-Pay Consumer Program

    WINFertility offers an infertility service program specifically for patients with limited or no insurance coverage. This program provides patients a significant discount on medical and pharmacy services (up to 40%), financing options, a 24/7 nurse help line, and an exclusive, fully credentialed fertility specialist provider network delivering quality, accessible care.